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Sagebrush Tours

Penticton, BC



We create an immersive experience of sips, sights, and memories. We know wine! From boutique to large wineries, we know them all. Our expert guides are fun-loving, knowledgeable & passionate.

About Sagebrush Tours

There are many wineries in the Okanagan Valley; however, there is only one tour company that offers a truly authentic and unique experience. Sagebrush Tours offers an unforgettable experience designed to immerse you in the scene and create memories for years to come. By doing things differently, they’ve become one of Penticton’s most-popular wine tour companies.

They’re experts in the Okanagan Valley wines, so sit back and enjoy a sip, while taking in the sights and smells of their beloved valley.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert wine drinker, they will provide something for everyone.

Their goal is to educate and enhance your experience by bringing new meaning to the term “growing region”. They want you to feel like part of their family, so take home memories of newfound friendships and fantastic views.

No two tours are the same, so you’ll have a chance to see new things each time. They love discovering new places and sharing them with you in ways that enhance your wine tasting experience. Whether by foot or bus, it doesn’t matter–you will have an amazing time!

With Sagebrush Tours, they hand-pick each wine for its quality, special flavours and unique characteristics. They want you to leave their tastings feeling like wines are accessible and fun. You can expect to taste many wines per tour, served in generous pours that enable you to explore their different styles and tastes thoroughly. Enjoy exceptional customer service while enjoying award-winning wines in gorgeous surroundings…all within arm’s reach.

Sagebrush Tours is one of the biggest wine tour companies in Penticton, BC, and they guarantee you will find something to love with them. Spend your days exploring nature’s most beautiful creations, while enjoying some of their finest wines in the process. Their fun-loving group tours are designed for people like you who want to experience incredible laughs and unforgettable memories. They make it easy to travel from winery to winery, stopping at each one over the span of five hours; whether by bus or on foot, depending on their chosen path that day. No matter how you choose to explore–you will be blown away by what nature has given us here in this beautiful valley!

Bringing Captured Experience

Being one of Sagebrush’s direct partners, Captured Experience can bring along one of our expert photographers to capture every amazing moment without the need to assign one of your friends to be the “picture person”.

Our photographers are as talented as they come, boasting extensive backgrounds in both education and experience that give them a leg up on everyone else. Our team members have travelled all over BC photographing weddings, engagements, proms, family reunions…essentially anything you can think of! We take pride in being able to provide this service at a price you’ll love!

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